A Warm Fuzzy Welcome

Hey there Spud Muffins, I am stoked that you’ve stopped by!


The warmest of welcomes to Real Soup for the Real Soul. This blog, contrary to it’s “broth” title, is not all about soup (sorry if you’d gotten your hopes up about that one) but rather, a simple sanctuary for anyone that needs support, inspiration and a gentle reminder to live peacefully, honestly, exceptionally, kindly and vibrantly!

I’m Rachel, though you may call me Rach, Rachie or Rachie Bear (all are perfectly acceptable … actually so long as it’s not a cruel nickname relating to my short stature call me whatever feels groovy)

Wherever possible I try to take the “Pollyanna” approach to life. Looking for the “good” in the (supposed) “bad” is a habit of mine, as is seeking ways to make the most out of any and every opportunity.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not plastic, and of course have challenging moments – where I’ll have you know I tend to lose my temper, drop many an F-bomb, get frenzied and frazzled, drop everything, go for a jog and come home and let it all out to Mamma Bear … or my bedroom mirror if Mamma T ain’t got time for that. I may be a yoga teacher, and meditation-addict, but in heated times, I rarely head straight to my mat, bolster or cushions. I tend to pace back and forth with a large crystal pressed against my chest, taking deep breaths and when all else fails, out comes the tin of raw cacao for a long, drawn-out sniffing session.

I try to learn from these hard times and utilise them as incentive to really treasure the present and change up my ways so that I can avoid this inner conflict wherever possible. Life truly is a mindset game. Create positive thoughts and life will seem easier and better. Dwell too long in your negativity goggles and watch a disaster manifest. Seriously, negativity attracts more and more painful shit into your life. This makes you even more pessimistic and the viscous cycle spirals out of control. Trust me. Been there, done that (and now I am SO DONE with that!)

My favourite aspect of life is engaging in meaningful (and sometimes downright weird and inappropriate) conversations with my spectacular friends and loving family members (especially my Mamma Bear).

There is nothing quite comparable to discussing like-minded interests or sharing a massive belly laugh – my favourite medicinal prescription.

I am an absolute nature fairy and just thrive in the great outdoors.

Now I can be a bit of a princess when it comes to some aspects of nature – snakes along hiking trails, jellyfish and stingrays in the summertime, flies (don’t even get me started on those sticky critters), but despite these pet peeves, I find that there is really nothing more energising than a long beach walk with a mate, a cool dip in the ocean, or simply a gentle jog amongst pleasant surroundings.

I also adore animals; the small fluffies and the big hairies. I am an absolute sucker for our furry friends. I wanted to be a vet when I was younger … then I realised I’d be a blubbering mess watching animals be sick and in pain all day … so I reconsidered my career options.

My third passion; food.

I just love how powerful real food is – nature’s true medicine chest. So whether it’s cooking it, eating it, shopping for it, reading about it, writing about it or talking about it, I am in my element when food is given the limelight. That is why I’m studying a Bachelor of Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine (best to channel my health nerd energy into something tangible …right?) and will be finished at the end of this year.

I am in love with happiness and am sure to fuel my emotional contentment on a daily basis with spine-tingling love, infectious laughter, honest nourishment, functional movement, restorative downtime, exciting life projects and seeing the world smile back.


From happiness comes authenticity and that is my greatest love. Transparency, honesty, confidence and self-respect. It is my hope that as you read each post, you feel lit up in one way or another. At the end of the day, what brings me the most joy is helping others to smile (or better yet get the giggles). We all deserve vital health, fulfilling confidence and infinite happiness. If this blog can be a positive catalyst or life changing “a-ha” for at least one other person, then I’ll be a very humbled coconut indeed.

Hugs, Happiness and Hi-5’s always,


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