A Warm Welcome

Hey there lovely ones, I’m so humbled that you’ve stopped by,


The warmest of welcomes to Real Soup for the Real Soul. This blog is a sanctuary for anyone that needs support and inspiration to live exceptionally, kindly and vibrantly!

I’m Rachel, though you may call me Rach, Rachie or Rachie Bear (all are perfectly acceptable … actually so long as it’s not a cruel nickname relating to my short stature call me whatever feels right)

Wherever possible I try to take the “Pollyanna” approach to life. Looking for the good in the bad is a habit of mine, as is seeking ways to make the most out of any and every opportunity.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not plastic and of course still have challenging moments, but I try to learn from these hard times and utilise them as incentive to really treasure the present. Life truly is a mindset game, create positive thoughts and life will seem easier and better. Dwell too long in your negativity goggles and watch a disaster manifest. Seriously, negativity attracts more and more painful shit into your life. This makes you even more pessimistic and the viscous cycle spirals out of control. Trust me. Been there, done that (and now I am SO DONE with that!)

My favourite aspect of life is engaging in meaningful (and sometimes downright weird and inappropriate) conversations with my spectacular friends and loving family members (especially my Mamma Bear).

There is nothing like discussing like-minded interests or sharing a massive belly laugh – my favourite medicinal prescription.

I am an absolute nature fairy and just thrive in the great outdoors.

Now I can be a bit of a princess when it comes to some aspects of nature – snakes along hiking trails, jellyfish and stingrays in the summertime, flies (don’t even get me started on those sticky critters), but despite these pet peeves, I find that there is really nothing more energising than a long beach walk, a dip in the ocean or simply a light jog amongst pleasant surroundings.

I also adore animals; the small fluffies and the big hairies, I am an absolute sucker for our furry friends. I wanted to be a vet when I was younger … then I realised I’d be a blubbering mess watching animals be sick and in pain all day … so I Reconsidered my career options.

My third passion; food.

I just love how powerful real food is – nature’s true medicine chest. So whether it’s cooking it, eating it, shopping for it, reading about it, writing about it or talking about it, I am in my element when food is given the limelight.

I am a massive happiness nerd and everyday I am sure to fuel my own emotional contentment with spine-tingling love, infectious laughter, honest nourishment, functional movement, restorative downtime, exciting life projects and seeing the world smile back.


From happiness comes authenticity and that is my greatest love. Transparency, honesty, confidence and self-love. It is my hope that as you read each post you are inspired in one way or another. At the end of the day what brings me the most joy is helping others smile (or better yet get the giggles). We all deserve vital health, fulfilling confidence and infinite happiness. So if this blog can be a positive catalyst or life changing “a-ha” for at least one other person, then I’ll be a happy banana.

Hugs, Happiness and Hi-5’s always,


4 thoughts on “A Warm Welcome”

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  2. Hi Rachel, sorry i couldnt find an email address for you….do thats why im ‘commenting’ 😉 I spotted you on The Wellness Couch…..it’s wonderful to see someone so dedicated in advocating health and wellness 😃

    Seeing as you live and breathe health, I thought I’d share with you a new health and wellness app that is launching in Australia in a few weeks – similar to a online health food shop…… it will be free to download and is all about truth on labeling and declaration of source of ingredients.

    Products on the platform are top quality from both well-known and smaller scale, Australian suppliers and are proudly non-GMO, certified organic, fair trade and naturally sourced ingredients. The product advisory board (consisting of a Naturopath, Nutritionalist, Integrative Doctor + more!) thoroughly checks over each product and ensures trust that strict criteria have been met, and certifications checked as appropriate.

    I’m involved in this great company, and am helping share the news of the free app around the community and put it out there to see if anyone is also interested in doing the same!

    The company, InnerOrigin is actually owned and created by an Aussie Entrepreneur who is very passionate about health and wellness himself 😃

    If you are interesed in being on the ground level of this amazing business, and help spread the word in Pre-Launch, I can let you know more info, there are webinars etc you can watch 😃 Or give me a call on 0409378478.

    Otherwise, you may just be interested in using the app… I can forward you a link when its up and running and you can check it out that way 😃

    Big smiles, Lindy Callahan Massage & Bowen Therapist

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