GAPS Stage 6

These recipes can be enjoyed on Stage 6 of the GAPS nutritional protocol. Whilst you are probably now tolerating more baked goods and fruit, it is important that the majority of your diet is still made up of quality meats/fish (and their broths), eggs, vegetables (some cooked, some raw and some fermented), fermented foods and nourishing fats (to tolerance level – no need to go overboard as has been the trending thing in some foodie circles) such as coconut oil, bone marrow, tallow, butter, ghee, raw olive oil and avocado.

*Recipes from stage 1-5 are still highly encouraged in stage 6 as you relish in the sweetness of newly-introduced fruits and other miscellaneous items

Banana pancakes or mug cake

Creamy Dreamy Almost “Instant” Soup

Saltbush Lamb’s Liver Pate

Simple Butternut “Custard”

Spaghetti Squash ‘noodles’

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