Ketogenic GAPS

“Ketogenic GAPS” isn’t actually a ‘coined’ term, it’s just what I called the way I ate when I was getting my systemic candida infection under control. When I did this, heaps of people wanted to know what sort of things I cooked. So here’s some recipes. Please remember that nutritional ketosis doesn’t work for everyone, and especially not long-term – especially for us females and our lady hormones! It’s a protocol undertaken to starve certain cells in your system that are causing you harm, without starving your entire body.

Listen to that body of yours at all times, and know that there is a thing as too much fat – even the nourishing kind. Veggies are still very important, even when wanting to reduce carbs. Too much protein stresses the kidneys, and going mental on broths and fermented foods can do more harm than good – especially if you’re already unwell. Nutritional Ketosis is not a cure all and is best done under the care of an experienced, open-minded and common-sense nutrition professional. Now enough serious talk – these babies are independently nourishing, regardless of what sort of (for lack of a better word) “diet” you feel best following at the moment – enjoy.


Broccoli Soup

Broccoli Coconut Rice

Incredible Cauliflower ‘rice’

Cauliflower Soup (mash variation)

Comforting Chicken, Kale and Cabbage bowl 

Lamb Roast and Gravy (great way to use leftovers)

Rebecca’s Amazing Broth

Zoodle stir-fry


Cinnamon and Vanilla Cupcakes (despite having no added sweetness, these cupcakes taste incredible, especially after having been low-sugar for a few months, as your taste buds will have adjusted and will appreciate the sweet notes from the spices and nuts)

Even Lower Carb Muffins

GAPS 24-hour sour cream or yoghurt

Homemade Nut/Seed Flour (use to make muffins or maybe some low-carb biscuits sweetened with stevia)

Lower-Carb Muffins

Nut Butter

Original GAPS muffins (low carb)

Saltbush Lamb’s Liver Pate

Salted Macadamia and White Chocolate Butter (mix some with a little coconut oil in a small dish and freeze for 30 minutes … this makes a beautiful “instant fudge” … add some shredded coconut and raw cacao powder to take it to the next level)



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