Basic Broth (a great base-stock to make at the start of the week and have on hand to use in recipes such as soups and the mash below)

Basic Jam and “Jelly” Recipe (perfect for a quick cranberry jelly during the festive season, or an antioxidant-rich jam option throughout the year. This method doesn’t require bucket-loads of white sugar or hours slaving away over the stovetop – you’re welcome)

Beetroot Chippies (you can also use sweet spud using the same method – these are beautiful by themselves or alongside some homemade guacamole or on the side of a homemade “deconstructed” burger (burger patty and salad without bun) as a stylish alternative to fries)

Cauliflower Mash (great side dish or can thin down to use as a creamy sauce in dishes like tuna or chicken mornay or in creamy pie recipes)

Easy Gravy

Flavour-gasm Broth (more impressive flavour profile and a better “drinking” broth)

Homemade Nut/Seed Flour (so long as you don’t have allergies to nuts or seeds, this is a great baking ingredient … you may never buy another sack of flour again!)

Homemade Yoghurt and/or Sour Cream (the yoghurt makes an ace brekkie with nut/seed granola and berries or can be dolloped on top of savoury dishes – particularly amazeballs with lamb chops and veggies. The cream is really nice stirred though a bowl of sauerkraut for a tangy and creamy salad or used as a dip for roast pumpkin/sweet Spud cubes)

Nut Butter

Saltbush Lamb’s Liver Pate (I consider this a “basic” as you can use it as a dip or add it to meals to enhance the flavour and add a good whack of both your B vitamins and fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K)

Sauerkraut Method (from here the veggie/fruit/herb/spice combos are endless)

The “Original” GAPS muffin (one of my most popular recipes and a great option to have on hand to keep blood sugar levels stable and satiate you … It’s the quickest and easiest breakfast option ever – just grab and go, and due to the high (and complete) protein content, makes a great meal when paired with a veggie side dish)