Dairy Free

*Important Note for ALL recipes on this page …

Dairy sensitivities can range from mild and based on accumulation (e.g. can only handle x amount of dairy each day before noticing symptoms) to severely anaphalactic (hives, blocked airways, vomiting etc. – even from skin-on-skin with just the tiniest amount of ghee!). Many of my recipes use organic butter or ghee as a cooking fat, due to their delicious flavour and fat-soluble vitamin content. Both butter and ghee are low in lactose and casein (the two most researched allergens in dairy) and, provided that they are organic, won’t contain nasty chemicals such as herbicides and pesticides (sprayed on the grasses that cows eat).

However “low” doesn’t mean “no” and for this reason, if you or the person you are cooking for doesn’t fare well with even trace amounts of dairy, because of issues with lactose, casein or even some other constituent in dairy products that your health-care provider is yet to determine, please use the swaps indicated in brackets below. 


Breads, Cakes and Muffins

Almond ‘Flour’ Bread (use all coconut oil, no butter)

Almond and Walnut ‘Flour’ Bread (use all coconut oil, no butter)

Apple and Cinnamon “Crumble” Muffins

Banana Muffins (stick with the tallow or use coconut oil instead, don’t use the optional ghee/butter)

Banana Mug Cake and/or Pancakes (fry in coconut or macadamia oil, not ghee or butter)

Carrot Cake (use coconut oil instead of butter)

Carrot Cupcakes (use coconut oil instead of butter)

Childhood Choccie Chip Muffins (use coconut oil, tallow or melted raw cacao butter in place of actual butter)

Chocolate Hazelnut Cupcakes

Chocolate Mud Cake (swap yoghurt for coconut yoghurt/cream)

Chocolate Mug Cake (dairy-free if yoghurt is swapped for coconut yoghurt/cream)

Crepes (use a dairy-free “mylk” option and omit butter for coconut oil)

Damn Fine Date Loaf (use coconut oil option given)

Double Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

Extremely Keto Friendly Muffins (nut free)

GAPS muffins (use all coconut oil, no butter)

Jaffa Swirl Loaf (use the coconut oil or cacao butter option given)

Keto Muffins (lower carb) (use all coconut oil, no butter)

Medicinal Marrow Muffins

No Nuts About Them Choccie Muffins

Pumpkin Muffins (use coconut oil, no butter)

Traditional Vanilla Patty Cakes (use coconut oil, no butter)

Vanilla and Cinnamon Cupcakes (sweetener-free) (use coconut oil, no butter)


Main Meals


Black Belt Bowl

Comforting Cabbage and Kale Bowl (swap ghee for lard, tallow or macadamia or olive oil)

Foodgasm Worthy Lamb, Coconut and Tomato Soup

Hug-in-bowl Amazeballs Stew

Leftover Leg of Lamb with Homemade Gravy

Lemongrass and Ginger Turkey and Vegetable Medley

Quirky Fish and Chips

Sex-noise Salmon with Seductive Veggie (s)Mash (omit butter and use coconut oil or extra coconut cream instead)

Smashing Sardine Salad

Thai Green Curry with Lime (grain-free when served with cauliflower rice)

Thrifty Lamb Soup

Throw-it-together Salmon Awesomeness!

Zoodle Stirfry (use olive/coconut/macadamia oil or tallow or lard for stir-frying)


Light Meals/Soups

Broccoli Coconut Rice

Butternut Custard

Cream of Broccoli Soup

Creamy Cauliflower Mash (use tallow as cooking fat)

Creamy Dreamy Almost “Instant” Soup

Heart(y) Beetroot and Macadamia Salad

Japanese Brown Rice Salad

Olive Oil Broccoli Addictiveness

Pumpkin Pancakes (fry in coconut or macadamia oil)

Seriously My Favourite Pumpkin Soup

Spaghetti Squash Casserole

Sweet Spud Pancakes (fry in coconut or macadamia oil)

Turmeric Spiced Cauliflower Rice



Almond Christmas Cookies

“Banana Cake Batter” In-a-Jar Dessert

Bang-For-Your-Buck Raw Vegan Protein “Peanut Butter” Brownies (nut-free)

Cacao and Orange Bliss Balls

Fudgy Protein Balls

Raw Cacao Crunch Amazeballs

Rice Pudding Brekkie (just don’t serve with dairy yoghurt!)

Salted Macadamia and White Chocolate Butter


Cacao, Vanilla and Oodles of Greens Smoothie

Choc Banana Probiotic Smoothie

Coconut Cream Green Smoothie



Basic Broth

Basic Jam and “Jelly” Recipe

Beetroot Chippies (chips are basics right???)

Broth (but yummier and fancier – a “drinking broth”, smells amazing)

Easy Gravy

Homemade Nut/Seed Flour

Nut Butter

Saltbush Lamb’s Liver Pate (the recipe offer the option of cooking livers in butter or ghee – stick to the coconut oil, tallow or olive oil options. Also don’t soak livers in milk … try water or skip the soaking step altogether – it’s no essential)