Dairy Free

*Important Note for ALL recipes on this page …

Dairy sensitivities can range from mild and based on accumulation (e.g. can only handle x amount of dairy each day before noticing symptoms) to severely anaphalactic (hives, blocked airways, vomiting etc. – even from skin-on-skin with just the tiniest amount of ghee!). Many of my recipes use organic butter or ghee as a cooking fat, due to their delicious flavour and fat-soluble vitamin content. Both butter and ghee are low in lactose and casein (the two most researched allergens in dairy) and, provided that they are organic, won’t contain nasty chemicals such as herbicides and pesticides (sprayed on the grasses that cows eat).

However “low” doesn’t mean “no” and for this reason, if you or the person you are cooking for doesn’t fare well with even trace amounts of dairy, because of issues with lactose, casein or even some other constituent in dairy products that your health-care provider is yet to determine, please swap butter or ghee for coconut oil (in baking recipes) or your choice of coconut, olive or macadamia oil for sautéing, frying, roasting etc. Where yoghurt or cream is used, swap for cashew or coconut cream/yoghurt.



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