Podcast – The Healthy Exception

Hello Lovely Ones and Welcome to The Healthy Exception – the podcast for teenagers choosing to be the healthy exception to the unhealthy rule

The Healthy Exception is a podcast for anyone that wants light-hearted, humorous, common-sense advice for preventing and/or combatting injury, physical illness or mental health imbalances. Aimed and the younger generation (but totally relatable for parents, partners, singles, grandparents etc. as well), each fortnight I endeavour to discuss practical and relevant topics that get you thinking, questioning and understanding your own body (and the world of health in general), so that YOU yourself can be a healthy exception to society’s unhealthy rule!

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THE 01 – An Introduction and My Story

THE 02 – Thinking Like The Healthy Exception

THE 03 – Reframing Body Image

THE 04 – Exercising For The “Right” Reasons

THE 05 – Wisdom With The Merry Maker Sisters

THE 06 – Let’s Talk About The Gut

THE 07 – Bacteria Awareness – why you should care about your inner eco-system

THE 08 – Heidi Hosking talking food cravings, food intolerances and what can cause them

THE 09 – That Immune Episode

THE 10 – How to Just Eat Real Food or #JERF

THE 11 – Does JERFing Make Me Orthorexic?

THE 12 – To Conform or Not to Conform? Are You Being Authentic?

THE 13 – Because Poo is NOT Taboo feat. Constipation with Lynda Griparic 

THE 14 – Change your World with EFT feat. Alison Van Vuuren

THE 15 – There’s Always Hope – An Empowering Message About Mental Health

THE 16 – A Case Where Diet Healed the Mind with Isaac Whitton

THE 17 – What Even Is The GAPS Diet?

THE 18 – Losing The Label – Navigating Food Trends with Naturopath Jules Galloway

THE 19 – Growing Up A Healthy Exception with Jackson Kristof

THE 20 – A Casual Conversation About The Healthy Exception Evolution with Jo Whitton

THE 21 – Questioning Everything with Cyndi O’Meara 

THE 22 – Getting Philosophical with Fouad Kassab

THE 23 – Avoiding Wellness “Hype”, Dogma and Excess in 2017

THE 24 – The Generation That Questions With Kale Brock

THE 25 – The Slow Health movement With Madison Black

THE 26 – Q&A Requests With Mamma T

THE 27 – From Hyperactivity to Fit and Thriving With Chiara-Lee Sole

THE 28 – Anorexia Reframed: Squashing The Stereotype

THE 29: Malissa Fedele: Regaining Self-esteem

THE 30: The Skinny on Fat

THE 31: Keeping Rituals Real

THE 32:The Truth About Naturopaths with Jules Galloway

THE 33: What Exactly Do Nutritionists Do?

THE 34: The Real Food Athlete with Steph Lowe

THE 35: Intuitive Eating

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