Podcast – The Healthy Exception

Hello Lovely Ones and Welcome to The Healthy Exception – the podcast for teenagers choosing to be the healthy exception to the unhealthy rule

The Healthy Exception is a podcast for anyone that wants light-hearted, humorous, common-sense advice for preventing and/or combatting injury, physical illness or mental health imbalances. Aimed and the younger generation (but totally relatable for parents, partners, singles, grandparents etc. as well), each episode endeavours to discuss practical and relevant topics that get you thinking, questioning and understanding your own body (and the world of health in general), so that YOU yourself can be a healthy exception to society’s unhealthy rule!

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Want an idea of what you’ll be in for? Just about everything sweet spuds. From digestion to fitness, body image to poo (yes poo! Poo is a groovy and vitally important topic – I shit you not, hahaha … shit you not), optimism (in a very real and relatable way don’y your worry) to intuitive eating and always, always coming from a place of honesty, exuberance, purpose and genuine-icity. 

Nutrition . Yoga . Happiness