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A Day On My Plate: Easy Faves

I reckon the thing that helps keep me on track the most with eating nutrient-dense meals is having the ingredients for key favourites that are super-easy to prepare, on hand. If we a) love the food, b) have the ingredients available to us, and c) find said recipes ridiculously easy to prepare, we’re surely onto a massive winner (broccoli dinner!)

Here’s what I’m a tad obsessed with lately …

Brekkie – Green Smoothie

No surprises here. It’s my #1 go-to. However lately I’ve been adding some freshly peeled and diced ginger root, vanilla bean powder and a few cardamom pods and oh-my-freakin-goodness it’s out of this world amazeballs! Plus the warming spices make this otherwise cooling drink a little bit kinder to my core body temperature in the chilly Winter months.

Lunch – Multi-coloured Brussel Sprouts

Sprouts are hands down one of my favourite veggies. It’s funny I HATED them as a wee kiddlet, but have been in love since the age of 15 or so. I love them steamed until nice and tender (I drink the cooking liquid so no nutrients go down the drain) and dressed with turmeric, pepper, dulse flakes, Himalayan salt and EVOO (extra virgin olive oil). So simple but so foodgasm-worthy!

After Lunch – Narnies and blubes (blueberries) with homemade nut/seed butter

My veggie-filled amazingness isn’t all that high in protein, so I love chasing it up with some fresh fruit (well the blubes were frozen but once they thaw it’s like they’re fresh) with a hefty spoonful of whatever nut/seed butter I have on hand. This week it’s a combo of macas (macadamias), cashews and hemp hearts – a brilliant combo by the way! I often take a break from working over lunch – I’ll read some articles or watch a youtube video or (ideally) if mum’s home we’ll enjoy lunch together outside on the decking.

Din-dins – My fave broccoli bowl (un-pictured) chased by a creamy, dreamy buckwheat porridge with snazzy toppings

I’m downright addicted to broccoli prepared this way. I could probably eat it every day and never tire (in fact, I pretty much do). Of course as fabulous as this cute little green number is, I know it’s not a full meal by itself, so I look forward to following with an indulgent, but oh-so-nourishing buckwheat porridge. I make it with cashew milk rather than dairy milk (just 1/4 cashews to one cup filtered water into the blender along with the buckwheat, salt and dates – plus I add fresh ginger, cardamom and vanilla bean powder) and then top the finished product with Inca Inchi Seed Butter, more berries and hemp hearts.

The topping may vary – sometimes I’ll leave off the blueberries and hemp hearts if I’ve already eaten these foods during the day. I like to eat half the porridge plain lately, with the seed butter in a dish on the side. Then I stir the butter through the remaining half for an extra creamy and slightly salty porridgy amazingness!

I may enjoy a few cups of herbal tea after lunch or have a few shots of coconut water kefir before bed, but that’s about it. I sip on warm water in between meals also – but that’s hardly worthy of a snap – you guys know what water looks like.

My meals take less than 5 minutes to prepare and all less than 20 mins to cook (the fruit and nut butter is instant gratification at it’s finest and the smoothie takes like 2 minutes, if that, to blend)

What are YOUR fave, nourishing and ridiculously easy meals?


A Day On My Plate: My Latest Obsessions

Ages ago (and I mean ages), I wrote this post where I was all like “sweet friends, I’m going to do a regular-ish post series sharing what I eat from day to day, because I find what others eat fascinating and thought maybe you do too”.  I got the idea from my fave blogger Megan and her “what I ate Wednesday” posts. Is it totally sad that I look forward to her weekly posts, just so that I can have a perve at what she’s been eating lately? Don’t answer that.

Anyways, I’ve been snapping pix of my food, but forgetting to write corresponding posts like I said I would, so here’s hoping that I get into the habit of making this a more regular series. I think it will keep me motivated to be creative with my meals and not fall into too many ruts (I do love a good, convenient, foody-rut so long as its delicious and nutritious).

Here’s what I’ve been loving lately …


Still completely obsessed with my fave green smoothie. I don’t see my love for this smoothie going anywhere any time soon. This is definitely one rut I have no urgency to get myself out of.


At lunch I’m loving making turmeric macadamia cauliflower rice with  roasted pumpkin … so super-tasty and always hits the spot. This is one I can make-ahead and take to uni. I’m in the process of writing a cookbook at the moment (don’t ask me when it will be finished!) and the cauliflower rice recipe will definitely be in there.

It’s funny I’ve always wanted a cookbook but always figured there’s already too many – what do I have to offer thats different? My friends keep telling me I should totally do one so I’ve started writing and we’ll see how that goes. If you reckon you’d buy a book of mine please comment below so I can have an idea of demand (to kick this little tushy into excitable action).

After Lunch or Arvo Snack

I’m loving snacking on frozen mixed organic berries lately. When I was a kid I used to roll my eyes when people said that frozen fruit was a “dessert”. I’d be all like “it’s fruit, not chocolate” and proceed to   crack open a block of 85% dark choccie. I’m now one of those people and you’re probably rolling your eyes at me. Seriously though, frozen berries are the bomb diggity!


I’m still amazed that black bean noodles taste so “carby” and pasta-like. I enjoy them with anything; roast veggie and avo, or my broccoli and olive oil smash plus some trail mix sauteed in coconut aminos (a-la black-belt bowl style). Sometimes I’ll just have a bowl of salt and vinegar veggie rice (recipe will also be in the cookbook) and then chase it with my latest dessert obsession …


I’m back to being totally addicted to my ole’ fave recipe for buckwheat porridge. These days I make the dairy-free option with cashews and decorate it with fruit and nut butter. It’s so comforting on chilly nights and the complex carbohydrates really seem to improve my sleep quality. I’m so glad that I’ve healed my gut and now totally thrive on a higher (not high) carb diet than before. Just goes to show that our needs keep changing and that nothing (other than real food!!!) is set in stone when it comes to nutrition.

So you funky bananas … what are YOU loving lately? And also, would you be keen for a cookbook, or do you think the market is overcrowded and I’m better off working on my autobiography instead?