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No Nuts About Them Choccie Muffins

I really love nuts. Of all the allergies and intolerences I have to certain foods and chemicals; wheat and gluten, dairy protein, capsicums (such a random one), sulphur dioxide, parabens etc. I am extremely grateful that nuts and seeds aren’t on my own personal “avoid” list.

I love cashews in a creamy soup, pepitas sautéed in coconut aminos as a crunchy snack or sprinkle on a savoury meal, macadamias in these muffins, almonds in bliss balls and inca inchi seed butter with bananas.

However, I am painfully aware of the fact that loads of people can’t tolerate them and in the world of gluten-free baking they get totally gypt (is that how you spell it?). Nut-free peeps shouldn’t have to resort to the starchy world of tapioca and potato flours or the dense and overly-fibrous paths of coconut flour. They deserve some recipes that are quick, easy and have textures reminisce of traditional glutenated (a word which here means containing gluten) treats.

These scrummy muffins have a short ingredient list, are relatively low in fat (not that we fear fats around here but not everyone thrives on an uber high-fat diet and maybe they’d want to save their lipid allowance for mealtimes #alltheavocado), are dense in fibre (hello funky and satisfying poos!) and have lots of muscle-relaxing magnesium (so if you’re an athlete this is the perfect post-training treatie).

No Nuts About Them Choccie Muffins

4 super-ripe bananas

1/3 cup raw cacao powder

3 eggs (as always, let’s try to source the best quality eggs we can to vote with our dollar and support the chickadees)

1/2 teaspoon gf and aluminium free bicarb

1 cup organic brown rice

A pinch of Himalayan salt

A pinch of vanilla bean powder


Preheat fan forced oven to 180 degrees C and line a muffin tin with 8 “if you care” muffins tins (technically any muffin tins will do, but I a man in love with this toxin-free, Eco-friendly brand).

Plop your wet ingredients into a food processor or high-speed blender (I use my trusty Vitamix) first and follow with the dry ingredients. Whizz up on a high-speed until a smooth, creamy batter comes together.

Divide batter evenly among the 8 cases and bake for 30-35 minutes.

Remove and cool on a wire rack.


If you want to be all ridgy didge and fashionably “old school”, you can use 3/4 cup brown rice flour instead of whole rice grains, mash the banana by hand and beat the eggs with a hand-held electric beater and then mix everything together in a bowl with a wooden spoon (so if you don’t have a high-speed blender or powerful food processor this will be the go)

If you want to keep this technically “grain-free” use 1 cup buckwheat groats instead of brown rice (buckwheat is actually a seed and related to the rhubarb family – I always find these quirky wholefood family trees fascinating!)

For special ocassions, try adding 1 cup dark chocolate chips to the mix after blending and serve warm, topped with a blob of coconut yoghurt and some fresh (or frozen) berries

A Random Game

My favourite blog is Detoxinista.com, I have been a loyal reader since early 2013. I love the innovative recipes and Megan’s articulate but conversational-style musings. My fave posts are always her What-I-Ate-Wednesday Posts, where she snaps what she’s eating that day with an explanation as to why. I’m weird like that, I think a glimpse into what other people eat is fascinating, especially when they throw in a touch on context too, like what they’ve been up to that day.

Anyhoo, sometimes when I just need some easy reading, I read her blog archives. This morning I stumbled upon this post from several years ago and thought what better way to begin my stream of FUN posts than to join in the 11 Random Things Game? 

11 Random Things About Myself …

1. I am a chirpy morning person – when all is well in life and I’m on my A-game, I love getting up at sunrise and heading out for my morning jog. There’s something comforting about the sky at this time; the pretty combos of pinks, oranges, purples and blues as the sun rises. Plus it’s quiet and still, so as I run along I can hear the ocean. It reminds me of being a kid and staying at our family shack, where you’d wake up in the morning to the smell of salty sea air and the sound of the gentle waves.

2. I don’t need coffee – or green tea for that matter. I am a naturally energetic and bright-eyed human … caffeine and I really aren’t the best of bed fellows. I seem to do okay with a bit of cacao (I’m guessing that calming effects of the magnesium balance out the stimulating effects of the caffeine content) but that’s about it. Give me tea or coffee and I go to bed at night, only to lie there for an hours willing myself to find slumber when all I really want to do is get up and belt out some of my fave Adele ballads. Late-night singing sessions seem to be a craving induced by the humble matcha or cappuccino – so it’s best for my family’s sanity if I steer clear of these stimulating beverages.

Aged 20. Still Cartwheeling. The exact definition of not needing extra energy!

3. I am addicted to the Les Mills Classes at my Local Gym – I always had this “thing” that gyms weren’t for me. Who wants to work out in a smelly, sweaty environment where trainers bang on about burning calories all day long? I thought. Excuse me whilst I go chew on past words. My dad got this great membership deal last year where a second person could join up for less than $5 a week. He said it was such a bargain that even if I only went once a fortnight it would still be worth it. I am an advocate for not knocking something until you try it (well, in most cases anyway … I may never try oysters, but that’s another matter) and so I’ve slowly been experimenting with the fitness classes. I have found a strange sort of love for the weight-based body pump class, energisingly aerobic body attack class, calming body balance class and the super-quick CX works experience of core strength heaven.  I love how super-healthy and energetic I feel these days, it’s like being a 10-year old all over again … remember having energy ALL the time? Who knew that was still a thing?

4. I am writing an autobiography – it’s still very much in its infancy, but hopefully (if I stick to my goal of spending at least 2 hours on it each week) in a year or so, it will be ready to pitch to various publishing companies. One of my best friends is being my very honest critic at the moment, and so fat the content has been very well-received. I know I’m best known for being the girl that overcame medical disempowerment and mental health issues, all whilst battling a life-threatening liver disease, and this book will dive into this period of my life for sure, however I also want to share other parts of my life too. I’m wasn’t always the “sick one” or “the cute one” and I’m hoping that my stories will show you another side of me, the sides before and after my medical misadventures.

5. I am slightly superstitious – I may own and love a gorgeous little black cat; Little Miss Tootsie (or Tootsie for those that don’t care for the affectionate prefix), and I gave up obsessively not stepping on cracks years ago (although sometimes the urge still finds me). However, I never walk under ladders and I say touch wood after nearly every remark and then proceed to place my hand on the nearest timber object.

My darling little one – no amount of superstition could take my love away

6. I talk with my hands to the point of hazard – what do you get when you combine hand-talking with superstition? A close call touching the wrong type of wood. In year 12 psychology I said something that I needed to touch wood about, without first looking behind me, I spun around, ready to reach out and touch the nearest wooden object. One of my male classmates walked past at this time and let’s just say I was inches away from touching his wood. As it happens, because no wood touching actually occurred, this would become the funniest inside Joke that one of my best friends Sara and I would share to date.

7. There are lots of foods I dislike, but steak would have to be up there on the Most Hated list – I don’t like the flavour, the thickness, the chewiness-factor (even when people describe a steak as melt-in-the-mouth I still find it far too tough) or the stagnant feeling I get in my gut after I eat it. I do like the smell of it cooking though, especially if there’s fried onions involved. The only red meats I really enjoy are the gelatinous cuts close to the bone, such as ox tail and lamb shank (and even then the really meaty parts of the lamb don’t do anything for me). If slow cooking didn’t exist, I’d be a vegetarian (apart from the occasional chicken thigh or melt-in-the-mouth fish fillet).

It’s either slow cooked or no meat at all! 

8. As a kiddlet, I was OBSESSED with the Titanic – After seeing the James Cameron classic for the first time in grade 4, I developed a deep (pardon the pun) fascination with the infamous ship wreck. I read every book and website I could locate on the topic, watched and re-watched all the special features on the Titanic DVD and took great pride in grooming my hair to look like Kate Winslet’s does in the film (wavy red hair represent!). Then in 2010, Mum and I travelled to Melbourne to visit the Titanic Exhibition at the Museum.

9. As much as I love a good Adelaide meme, I really do love where I live – Aussies really love to take the piss out of our humble city (and to be fair, our state government does give them many a good reason to … *cough* pandas, *cough* RAH, *cough* state wide blackouts) but I love our “big country town” anyway. Our landscape is very diverse; beautiful healthy beaches down the road but drive 40 minutes in the other direction and you’re in the picturesque  Adelaide Hills. We are a relatively peaceful part of the country, close to several holiday towns for impromptu getaways, and nothing is too far away from anything (I think a 40 minute drive is ages away … I hear this is a modest amount of time in other capital cities).

And to think that the morning this photo was taken I’d been at the beach – polar opposites only 40 minutes away

10. I always start assignments early – just so I know that I’ve got plenty of time ahead of me. I’ll never be one of those people that belts something out the night before it’s due. I figure the earlier I start, the earlier I finish and can spend more time blogging, going to the gym, cooking or hanging out with mates.

11. I’ve never been overseas – wait does the ferry trip to Kangaroo Island count? I’ve never really had the money or health status to travel abroad. Plus my body hates planes, being out of routine for too long and getting overtired – it let’s me know it too, so even sometimes trips interstate have been plagued with nausea, colds, constipation, diarrhoea and all-out lethargy. I don’t think I’ll ever be an avid traveller, but I do have two destinations on my bucket list; The Greek Islands (for the views and crystal clear ocean) and New York City (for the buzz, bustle, culture and bright lights).

  1. What’s the meal you eat most often? Probably my green smoothie at breakfast because I have the same one every morning.
  2. What’s your favorite movie of all time? Love Actually – I watch it every Christmas Eve.
  3. What made you want to start a blog? Honestly, I’d just finished year 12 and was feeling a bit lost. Plus I love a good rant and there was only so much my Facebook friends could put up with.
  4. Do you have any pets? I’m a cooky cat lady. I’ve had Tabby and Tootsie (brother and sister) since they were kittens and I’ve “adopted” my stepdad’s cat Carly as my own.
  5. What’s your favorite workout? Can I have a three-way-tie? Jogging for cardio, Body Attack for endorphins and Body Balance for flexibility.
  6. Name one thing on your “bucket list.” To find my soulmate and marry them under a waterfall. Okay that’s two things.
  7. Name one “weird” thing that you do. Just one? I inspect my poo every day, just to make sure everything’s looking formed and healthy … but isn’t that normal?
  8. Your favorite city/place to visit? Malanda in Far North Queensland, Lake Eacham get around me!
  9. Anywhere you still dream of visiting? We’ve covered this; Greek Islands and New York.
  10. Best purchase you’ve ever made? I’d say my Vitamix, but papa bear bought that one for me. I guess my yoga teacher training investment. It drove me crazy at times, and sometimes I felt a bit ripped off for what I got, but now that I’ve completed it and have my certificate, I am so excited to start earning money doing something I love.
  11. What’s the one thing you would change in the world, if you could? Get rid of all pollution – toxic chemicals be gone! Allergy rates, cancers, autoimmunity and global warming could potentially be a thing of the past (I have no idea how I’d do this. Thankfully the how wasn’t part of the question).

Now I’m passing the questions over to you? Comment below (or on Facebook) with one (or as many as you’d like) random things about YOURself …