Gall-Bladder-Friendly Recipes

Hey there Sweet Spuds!

This is a special page for those suffering from the awful, painful, no-good, shitty-shitty poo-poos known as gallstones. As a previous sufferer (never again, touch all the wood in the world), of this horrible condition, I know what a challenge it can be to navigate the world of nutrition. Especially if you’ve been following a GAPS or pale-style diet where animal fats are touted as nutritious. This may be so for some people, but generally not for those of us with stoney gallbladders.

The recipes below are designed to be gentle on the gallbladder, prevent attacks, all whilst keeping the diet nutrient dense and inclusive of fats that are more gall-bladder-friendly (like nuts, coconut, good quality olive oil etc.). Of course, I can only go by my own experience and experimentation. I find that a mostly organic, 100% vegan diet is my personal gold standard of preventative therapy – so those are the types of recipes you’ll find below. 

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